The Night is Short, Walk on Girl Anime Review

The Night is Short, Walk on Girl sounds like the title of a light novel adaption, but this is actually an anime movie based off of a real novel. The original novel was written by the same writer as The Tatami Galaxy (another novel that was adapted into an anime by the same team as... Continue Reading →


Gurren Lagann Movie 2: Lagann-Hen/The Lights in the Sky are Stars Analysis

Note: This analysis contains spoilers for both the original Gurren Lagann anime series and the second movie. If you don't want to be spoiled, don't read this. If you have only seen the series, then know that the second movie has some significant changes to it. If you don't want to be spoiled to these changes then... Continue Reading →

Gurren Lagann Anime Review

It's been 11 years (missed it by a day) since the first episode of Gurren Lagann aired, and it is still fondly remembered, even when it aired in 2007, the golden year of anime for many people. While more and more people are appreciating Gurren Lagann as more than a simple action show, the general consensus is... Continue Reading →

The Voynich Hotel Manga Review

As seems to be the norm as of late, this is yet another weird series. The Voynich Hotel is a manga by Sayman Dowman that is a fan favorite across the internet. It's pretty easy to see why. Charming characters with a spooky aesthetic and some good comedy. All in all this is a great manga that... Continue Reading →

Space Dandy Anime Review

While Cowboy Bebop is pretty famous in the anime community, the more recent series from the same director is not as well known. Space Dandy has a lot more science fiction elements to it than its predecessor, and this, among other things, gives it a unique feel that I love. Space Dandy does have a lot of variety that makes it... Continue Reading →

Cowboy Bebop Anime Review

Cowboy Bebop is one of those anime that a lot of fans who got into anime recently haven't watched. The fans who got into anime with titles like Sword Art Online and Attack on Titan. I didn't really get into anime until later, but since I knew about anime before, I watched Cowboy Bebop earlier than most fans nowadays. Why does... Continue Reading →

Mermaid Saga Manga Review

One of the most famous mangaka out there is Rumiko Takahashi and even though Mermaid Saga by Rumiko Takahashi is the only work of hers that I've read, I know that this work is different from her numerous romantic comedy manga. While Mermaid Saga or Ningyo no Mori does have romance in it, the primary focus is on... horror? It's not... Continue Reading →

Devilman Crybaby Anime Review

After over 40 years, the original Devilman manga finally got a full adaption in the form of Devilman Crybaby. The strengths of this series still hold up today, and it's still just as shocking today as it was then. Devilman Crybaby is certainly an anime to remember. The story begins with the main character Akira Fudo meeting up with his... Continue Reading →

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