Uratarou Manga Review

Uratarou is a manga by Atsuhi Nakayama that like so many manga out there, got cancelled before it could really achieve greatness. It actually had more of a start than most manga get, but that couldn't save it. There is still an ending here though, but it's about what you'd expect. There are still some... Continue Reading →


Memories Anime Review

Anime anthology films are rarer than anthology films in live action, which seems strange if you think about it. It's a lot easier to animate something well if it's short. Memories is an anthology anime film with three different sections, and it is well animated. Unfortunately, there isn't really any connection that the shorts share,... Continue Reading →

Monster Manga Review

Monster is Naoki Urasawa's best known work, and it's not just because it has an anime. This is easily his most accessible work because of how mundane it starts. That doesn't make it worse than his other works, on the contrary, Monster is one of his best works. Monster begins with Dr. Tenma, a young,... Continue Reading →

Nijigahara Holograph Manga Review

Yet again, I review a manga from a famous mangaka, but in a genre they are not well known for. Inio Asano has written a lot of drama/ slice of life stuff, but Nijigahara Holograph is very different from all of those. At least on the surface, it is. This mysterious horror manga is actually... Continue Reading →

Assassination Classroom Manga Review

Assassination Classroom is a comedy manga by Yusei Matsui. It is notable for ending on the author's own terms while running in Shonen Jump, which doesn't usually happen. It's great that it ended on the author's own terms, but was that enough to make it good? In short, yes. The manga is about a class... Continue Reading →

Billy Bat Manga Review

Billy Bat is one of the latest complete manga from master mangaka Naoki Urasawa, and his most recent series that wasn't a one shot or short term collaboration. Like most Urasawa manga, this one is confusing, complex, and a masterpiece. It is one of his harder manga to get into though. Billy Bat begins with... Continue Reading →

Parasyte Manga Review

Normally I don't talk about myself too much in these posts, but here, I am making an exception. Parasyte or Kiseiju by Hitoshi Iwaaki is one of my favorite manga and it's the manga that expanded my horizons beyond the battle shonen genre. For my reviews I always make sure to read or watch the... Continue Reading →

A Silent Voice Manga Review

Whenever a manga or anime has a unique or emotional premise, the work usually gets unwarranted praise even if it completely fails to deliver on it's premise. A Silent Voice or Koe no Katachi by Yoshitoki Oima has one of those types of premises. Luckily, this manga deserves some amount of the praise it gets, though it... Continue Reading →

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